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Community development, poverty alleviation, social development and natural resources are interlinked processes with conservation, and they require sustained contribution of the state, market and civil society. Responding to this need, economists, academics, social workers and progressive farmers formed Sindh Rural Support Program (SRSP) in 1995 to promote sustainable development to reduce the poverty in Sindh particularly in its rural areas.

SRSP has also undertaken a mission SRSP in its development programs gives importance to disadvantaged social groups and women such as haris (sharecroppers), small landowners and wage earners. It prefers to work in the most underdeveloped regions of the province. These groups and areas have been marginalized through defective development planning. And neither state nor market is doing much to promote their development.

Many NGOs and CBOs are already working for the rural development but they need support to enhance their professional capacity. Recognizing this demand, SRSP actively provides them technical assistance to improve their organizational capacity. Through its activities, SRSP promotes the values of participatory development, women empowerment, social justice and conservation of natural resources. It plays very active role through support, training, research and advocacy for poverty alleviation in Sindh.

  • Mobilize disadvantaged groups, women such as haris (peasants), small farmers, landless laborers and other poor people for socio-economic empowerment.
  • Enhance capacity of mobilized groups through trainings, workshops, seminars and learning tours
  • Provide micro credit and support their proper utilization for poverty alleviation.
  • Facilitate to increase social infrastructure (health, education, water, electricity, roads) through participatory interventions
  • Engage in research and advocacy for water, health, and sanitation, women empowerment and poverty alleviation
  • Support the communities for environmental up gradation and conservation of  the natural resources
  • Enhance institutional capacity of NGOs and other civil society organizations
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