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Case Studies
A Small Support Making A Huge Difference
Abbas Ali is a resident of village Cheezal Abad. He is 24 years old and lives with his parental family, comprising six members. Abbas Ali is forward looking young man believing in self reliance and identity of his own.

Abbas started his business with support of his friends at Cheezal Abad and purchased a telephone set worth Rs.14, 500 to establish a public call office (PCO). But he had no suitable place to offer services to his customers. Therefore he requested a café owner in his village (Khair Muhammad) to let him run his business alongside the café. Khair Muhammad, being a kind person, agreed to the proposal. This way Abbas started his business. But very soon he realized that his PCO and Café can not co-exist as Khair Muhammad used to play music for customers along with serving tea and cookies. This was necessary for him to attract the business. On the other hand it was a nuisance for the customers of Abbas. Initially he kept requesting Khair Muhammad to lower the voice of a music player. But later on he realized it won’t work for long and he’ll have to arrange a suitable place for his business. Devoid of the capacity to construct a room for his business; one day he thought of taking a small loan from someone in the village, but no one extended help due to hard economic conditions everywhere.

Few days after he learnt about SRSP, offering small loans to persons like him to scale up their business. He rushed through and joined village community organization (CO), in order to get benefit from the credit facility. He instantly got a loan of Rs.10, 000 and added Rs.5, 000 from his hard earned savings to get a room of 10’X10’ size constructed.

His worries were over and he could provide all the privacy to his customers to make a phone call. His daily income also increased by Rs.30-40 and he earns up to Rs.100 daily now. He returns the installment from his additional income while keeping the original income for his household consumption. “This loan has become a boon for me, and it has relieved me of my worries. My customers also feel comfortable. Such a small loan programs really works wonders for people like us for whom gathering a small amount from friends and relatives is quite an uphill task, Thanks to SRSP-PPAF for trusting us and helping us to jump out of the trap of poverty”. He expresses jubilantly.
Stepping Ahead to Prosperity
Shah Baig Lashari, 43 years old, is a resident of village Mir Illahi Bux Talpur. Living with a family of six, he was always struggling to earn a respectable livelihood. He used to collect approximately 40 liters milk from the village and bringing it to nearby 68-Mori bus stop. From where he had to embark upon a local bus to cover 21 kilometers to reach to nearby town. It was not only tiring but very cumbersome as well. He used to share his dream with his wife of having his own bike to relieve him of such a burdensome business. The domestic expenses were of such nature that he could only dream of saving a sizable amount and purchase a bike. He even thought he won’t be able to purchase it in next 10 years as well.
One fine evening, while he was returning from the town after doing his business, his village mate Khanu joined him on the way and shared about the visit of SRSP staff and introducing a small loan scheme for entrepreneurs. It was great news for him. He was thinking as if his dream would soon come true. The next day, he visited the office of SRSP and enquired about the procedure of taking a loan. He came back to the village and gathered his like minded friends and entrepreneurs to form a CO to be able to strive for the village development as well as access microcredit scheme for economic development. The CO was formed soon and after a few meetings all the community was able to understand the dynamics of being organized. For Shah Baig it was still difficult to purchase a second hand bike as it amounted to around Rs.27, 000. The credit officer of SRSP after appraisal told him that he can apply for an amount of Rs.20, 000 at maximum while he has to arrange remaining amount on his own.
He was sharing that pity story with her wife that night that instantly brought the remaining amount of Rs.7, 000 from his cupboard. Where she was secretly saving for quite some time. Appreciative of her far sightedness, his happiness knew no bounds to learn this. Next day he applied for the loan and after getting it in few days, he purchased the bike.
When asked whether he is happy with his business now. He shared, I always remained thankful to God almighty who always helped me and this time he brought a help in the shape of SRSP-PPAF. I was able to take 40 liters milk daily to the market but now I am able to bring 80 liters milk daily easily due to my bike. This means more income for me and my family. I want to expand my business even further in future once I am able to pay back the installments of this loan fully’.
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